Alternative Metal jewelry OcalaThe space age is here, and titanium can provide an affordable and beautiful alternative to platinum and white gold. Here is a short guide to the alternative and affordable metals


Titanium is a fairly recent addition to fashion jewelry. Admired for its unique appearance and maximum strength, titanium is much lighter than steel, yet three times stronger. When used in jewelry, titanium is not combined with other metal alloys. It weighs 1/3 less than gold and is highly resistant to dents and bending. Also, this hypoallergenic metal will not corrode over time. The most classic colors of titanium are gray and black with beautiful finishes such as satin, frost or high-polish. It’s important to note that, because of its composition, titanium rings cannot be resized.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is becoming very popular among jewelry wearers. This metal is very easy to maintain because it is less likely to rust and corrode than regular steel and other metals. The chromium present in stainless steel (generally at least 10.5%) resists the process of oxidation, preventing rust or "stains" from appearing on the steel's surface. Stainless steel is also greatly admired for its strength.


One of the newest metals to the jewelry industry, tungsten has many fine qualities. Resistant to corrosion, tungsten is four times harder than titanium and very dense. Its supreme strength ensures that the metal cannot bend, but it also cannot be resized. Polish for tungsten jewelry can be permanent, meaning little maintenance is required. your social media marketing partner

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