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Want something now, but need it later? J&J Jewelers offers a 90 day layaway plan! We require a deposit of at least 30% of the total purchase price including tax, depending on the item. Payments may be made at your convenience in accordance to the agreed upon terms. Store credit will be issued in the amount of monies received for expired layaways. 

Additional store policies are as follows and all are subject to change at the sole discretion of management. No cash or credit card refunds for layaways or purchases. No warranty on eyeglass repair. No guarantee against stone loss. Not responsible for stone loss during cleaning. A resetting fee will be charged. No warranty on Estate Jewelry. Not responsible for items left over 60 days. Merchandise/store credit with receipt only, within 7 days of purchase in bought condition. Excludes altered, custom, and repaired items. When selling gold or silver state law requires a valid photo ID. All custom jewelry is nonrefundable and requires a 25% deposit before the work begins. Full payment upon receipt of custom work will denote the client’s complete satisfaction. All custom work will be done by appointment only. Certain special orders and altered items may be non-returnable and/or subject to restocking fees.


At J&J Jewelers we love honest feedback! Please take a moment to glance over our reviews or to leave one of your own. If for whatever reason you are ever dissatisfied with your experience then please call or email us ADD LINK so we can better help. Remember, we are here for you!

“Knowledgeable jeweler! Great quality and selection!”- Jason P.

“Always friendly and knowledgeable and good ideas.”- Jeanette O.

“Had my wedding set resized because I blew up like a balloon while pregnant and haven't deflated a year later. Customer service was excellent! My ring was done earlier than they estimated, and it is beautiful! I am so happy with my rings, and will definitely return with any future jewelry needs.”- Alicia A.

“The people are very professional and provided a good service at a reasonable price.”-Henry K.

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Diamond and watches are classic graduation gifts. Personalised jewelry is also popular and makes a very thoughtful graduation gift. Choose from monogram or initial pendants, gemstones in school colors, birthstones, team logos, and more. 


Push Presents are fairly new. They are gifts given to new moms to celebrate giving birth. Push Present jewelry is often similar to popular Mother’s Day jewelry gifts. Hearts, gemstones, charms, layered necklaces and stacked rings are usually at the top of this gift wish list. 


Celebrate YOU, gift yourself with a right hand ring! Choose any ring that your heart desires, a cocktail ring, a solitaire, a gold band, it’s all up to you. A right hand ring is a fun way to treat yourself to something beautiful. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


One Year Anniversary-  Gold jewelry, Clocks & Watches

Two Year Anniversary- Garnets, China

Three Year Anniversary- Pearls, Crystal & Glass

Four Year Anniversary- Blue Topaz, Electrical Appliances

Five Year Anniversary- Sapphire, Silverware

Six Year Anniversary- Amethyst, Wood

Seven Year Anniversary- Onyx, Desk Sets

Eight Year Anniversary- Tourmaline, Linens & Laces

Nine Year Anniversary- Lapis, Leather

Ten Year Anniversary- Diamond Jewelry & Watches

Eleven Year Anniversary- Turquoise, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

Twelve Year Anniversary- Jade, Pearl & Colored Gems

Thirteen Year Anniversary- Citrine, Textiles 

Fourteen Year Anniversary- Opal, Gold Watches & Jewelry

Fifteen Year Anniversary- Ruby, Watches

Sixteen Year Anniversary- Peridot, Silver Holloware

Seventeen Year Anniversary- Watches, Furniture

Eighteen Year Anniversary- Cat’s Eye, Porcelain

Nineteen Year Anniversary- Aquamarine, Bronze

Twenty Year Anniversary- Emeralds, Platinum Watches & Jewelry

Twenty-One Year Anniversary- Iolite

Twenty-Two Year Anniversary- Spinel 

Twenty-Three Year Anniversary- Imperial Topaz

Twenty-Four Year Anniversary- Tanzanite

Twenty-Five Year Anniversary- Silver Jubilee

Thirty Year Anniversary- Pearl Jubilee, Diamond Watches & Jewelry

Thirty-Five Year Anniversary- Emerald, Jade

Forty Year Anniversary- Ruby

Forty-Five Year Anniversary- Sapphire

Fifty Year Anniversary- Golden Jubilee

Fifty-Five Year Anniversary- Alexandrite, Emerald

Sixty Year Anniversary- Diamond Jubilee


For a look that’s similar to a diamond yet more affordable, moissanite is a popular modern alternative. Moissanites have the added advantage of being strong like a diamond too. Any way that you wear a diamond, you can wear a moissanite.  


At J&J Jewelers we are often asked which are the best necklace or chain styles and lengths. The answer depends on which personal preferences best suit you. For example, a sixteen inch chain on someone that’s six feet tall isn’t going to look the same on someone that’s five feet tall. A stronger chain style is better for a chain that you wear everyday and a delicate fancy chain is perfect for a special night out. Here is a quick guide to help you determine what’s best for you!.


  • 14 inches Collars are worn tight around the neck

  • 16 inches Chokers are worn tightly at the base of the neck

  • 18 inches A Princess Necklace lays along the collarbone

  • 20-24 inches A Matinee Necklace rests just below your collarbone

  • 28-36 inches An Opera Necklace hangs below your bustline

  • 36-42 inches A Rope Necklace can hang at or below an the length of an Opera Necklace since this necklace is often wrapped, or knotted. 




  • Anchor/Mariner Chain

  • Ball / Bead Chain

  • Box Chain

  • Cable Chain

  • Curb Chain

  • Figaro Chain

  • Rope Chain

  • Singapore Chain

  • Snake Chain

  • Spiga / Wheat Chain               

J&J Jewelers is your friendly neighborhood Jeweler. Come visit us at our shop located in the Jasmine Plaza on State Road 200 in beautiful Ocala, Florida. We’d love to meet you!

Find diamonds in Ocala at your local jewelers. If you love diamonds, then you will love J&J Jewelers personalized customer service! We can help find the perfect diamond and setting that’s right for you. Come right in or make an appointment. add link We are here for all of your diamond and fine jewelry needs.


At J&J Jewelers we make diamond jewelry specially for you. We also carry a large selection of diamond estate jewelry and new diamond earrings, diamond rings and diamond pendants. If it’s diamonds you love, visit us today!


Diamond jewelry takes many forms, from engagement rings and wedding bands, custom diamond rings, to unique pendants and earrings. J&J Jewelers is your diamond specialist in Ocala. Your local master jeweler, Charles Lancaster, will create the custom matching wedding bands with diamonds that you’re dreaming of. Renew your cherished heirloom diamond jewelry, we have created custom pendants from brooches, rings from earrings, and much more! Many diamond pieces we have created here in Ocala can be seen in our Custom Design Gallery.

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The silhouette of a stone determines the stone’s shape. Popular diamond shapes are:

HEART SHAPE: A heart shaped diamond symbolizes love.

MARQUISE SHAPE: Because a marquise shaped diamond is similar to the shape of a boat, it is also known as a navette, meaning little ship.

OVAL SHAPE: An oval shaped diamond is a modern elongated round shape that can create the illusion of a larger stone.

PEAR SHAPE: The timeless pear shaped diamond is also known as a teardrop diamond.

RECTANGULAR SHAPE: Baguette, barion cut, emerald, and radiant are all different types of rectangular shaped diamonds.

ROUND SHAPE: A round shaped diamond is a symbol of commitment. Round brilliant diamonds are a popular classic choice.

SQUARE SHAPE: Barion cut, cushion, princess, and radiant and are all examples of popular square shaped diamonds.

TRIANGULAR SHAPE: A triangular shaped diamond cut in the brilliant style with rounded sides is known as a trillion diamond.


There are many factors that determine a diamond’s value.

CARAT: This is the size of the diamond, and although it is one of the main factors determining the value of your diamond, there is more to consider.

COLOR: Most people think “white” when they think of diamonds. But there are also blue diamonds, pink diamonds, chocolate diamonds, and canary yellow diamonds to name a few. Color is a significant factor in determining a stone’s value. When we are talking about traditional white diamonds, those stones without any color or “colorless diamonds” have the greatest value. The exception are pink diamonds which are very rare and generally more expensive. Most colored diamonds, like purple, red, blue and even some canary, are irradiated to give them color. A natural colored diamond is a rare find.

CLARITY: All stones have natural inclusions or imperfections which can affect the way light reflects and also their value. These inclusions make your diamond as unique and identifiable as a fingerprint, and we can teach you how to identify yours.

CUT: The cut is the main determinant in the brilliance and sparkle of your diamond. Round cuts generally reflect the light better and appear to be brighter and have more sparkle than other cuts. your social media marketing partner

J&J Jewelers is your friendly neighborhood Jeweler. Come visit us at our shop located in the Jasmine Plaza on State Road 200 in beautiful Ocala, Florida. We’d love to meet you!

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